Donorbox Update: Donation Progress Meter

Donorbox donation progress meter

Happy 2016 everyone! Our goal this year is to launch many analytics, supporter connections, and social features for our community. We just added a donation progress meter for campaigns that want to encourage donors to help reach a goal. Setting it up is really easy. In the donation form editor, click on the ‘Amount Setup’ tab. Afterwards, type in the goal amount for the campaign.

Donorbox Campaign Goal


Once that is set you will see a donation progress bar in your donation page and donation form embed! If you use the donation form embed, there is an option to hide the donation meter under the embed preview page.

4 thoughts on “Donorbox Update: Donation Progress Meter”

  1. My donation progress widget is not auto adding payments made. I am having to manually enter them. That kinda takes the appeal out. Is there a way to fix this?

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