Additional Questions Form Builder

Donorbox provides non-profit organizations with a fast, optimized donation payment system. It has a powerful form builder, allowing you to collect information from your donors such as their address, phone number, employment information, and anything else that you might need through custom questions. In fact, in the “Advanced Setup” section of your donation form editor, you are given the option of adding additional questions to your donation forms. To do so, simply check the “Ask additional questions” at the bottom of the advanced setup page.


You can choose to add these questions on the “Amount” screen of your donation form, or on the “Donor Info” screen.


Then, you can decide how you want to format the response field for your question. You can choose between a textbox, a checkbox, and a dropdown list.


Textbox responses can come in handy if you are asking for feedback, or asking any other question that requires a personalized answer.



Checkbox responses are a quick and easy option when you need to get a simple piece of information from your donors. You can also require donors to check a certain checkbox in order to be able to submit their donation, such as requiring them to confirm they are at least 18 years old.



Dropdown responses are well adapted for questions with multiple preset answers, such as if you were to ask your donors for their t-shirt sizes in order to reward them for their contribution.



Click the blue plus sign on the bottom right of the advanced setup page in order to add more additional questions – you can add as many as you like!

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